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Informed Decisions, Tel Aviv

  • Le'a Goldberg Street 8


Informed Decisions Interview Intelligence: Elevate your hiring process. Drive decisions with data. Reduce biases. All with one platform.

🎯 All-in-One Interview Builder: Choose from our vast range of interview questions, use ready-made templates, or let our team of IO psychologists craft a unique interview process tailored for you. From behavioral questions, through job simulations, to whiteboard tests, we’ve got it all.

🎥 Engaging Interviews with Guidance: Whether you’re going live on video or face-to-face, our platform guides you through. Know the right questions, what makes for a great answer, and even score candidates on-the-spot. And yes, every word is transcribed, recorded, and summarized with our interview summary AI feature.

📊 Make Data-Driven Choices: Once the interview wraps up, dive into comprehensive insights. Compare interviewer perspectives, identify candidate strengths and weaknesses, and harness quantitative data to make informed hiring decisions.

🛡 Bias Begone! Our platform learns as you interview. Receive personal feedback on biases and tips to curb them in future interviews. Track your progress, both as an individual and as a team.

🌟 Quality Beyond Hiring: We don’t stop at hiring. Monitor the performance and retention of those you hire, recognize your star interviewers, and replicate successful interview behaviors across your organization.

⏱ Efficiency First: With the rich data from our ID platform, you will gain clarity on the optimal number of interview rounds for alignment. Say goodbye to redundant stages and streamline your hiring journey.

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Informed Decisions, Tel Aviv


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