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Gavin Johnston

I teach agency recruiters how to bill more

  • Brussels, Belgium


Gavin Johnston

Recruitment Trainer & Coach

Everything About Recruitment

Brussels, Belgium


With 19 years of experience in the agency recruitment business, I now coach and train recruiters to do their job better or looking to set up their own business, whilst still actively recruiting.

I follow a tried-and-tested methodology derived from my past successes and failures. My approach allows you to:

👉 Set up a recruitment business without incurring unnecessary costs
👉 Iron out the process of finding new clients to make it work as smoothly and effectively as possible
👉 Simplify finding the right candidates for your roles
👉 Lower the chances of candidate ghosting
👉 Thoroughly map your market for the greatest results
👉 Fend off competition in the majority of situations
👉 Avoid candidates cutting you out and going directly to the client
👉 Ask the margin you really want
👉 Deal with the increasing limitations of Linkedin

I have recruited high calibre candidates across more than 10 countries and 3 continents.
I have been where you are. I have learned from my mistakes and failures, as well as those of others, to finally achieve the heights of success in recruitment.
I have been a million-dollar biller (over €800K or £700K).
I can and will always relate to you. I am still a recruiter facing the same daily issues as you, albeit on a part-time basis.
Thanks to the approach I have adopted, I have not had to resort to doing any business development since 2015.
I am passionate about delivering high levels of quality and helping people. This is my driving force.

If these points speak to you and you want to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me here.

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