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Gabriella Wach

About Jobin.Cloud, Dublin

If your aim is to Recruit …
let do the heavy lifting for you:💪

> Automated multichannel messaging outreach
> ChatGPT integrated message hyper-personalization
> Auto enrich and find contact details
> Auto-recorded interaction timeline with each person

> Automating your social activity
> Auto-migrate database and lists of profiles with ease.
> Updating profiles automatically
> Database auto-cleaning and de-duplication

> Automated contact screening and scoring at scale
> Apply ideal candidate criteria for jobs
> Search per postcode, location radius, and more

Want to know more about how to 👉 Revolutionize Multichannel Messaging Outreach with ChatGPT 🤖

Want to know more about how to 👉 Source Candidates/Clients for Free 😍

Want to know more about how to 👉 use the features 🚀

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